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Families Fixing Up the Garden for 2011-2012! August 28, 2011

Thirty-three Explorer students, parents and staff  and one Master Gardener put in 100 human-hours of labor in the garden this weekend. They explored — and cleaned up! — the jungle of our summer garden two days before school started. They cut back overgrown plants, pulled weeds from paths and garden beds, hauled in a truckload of wood chips for weed control on our paths, cut down the (sadly) dead willow tree that was eaten by gophers this summer, cleaned out the shed, repaired the squirrel-proof cages, cut back native plants and the butterfly garden, and got everything botanical ready for the new year. Hooray!

Now we’re ready for a new year of growing and learning in the Explorer Garden!

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Garden Signs Created by Explorer Artist Karen Hughes October 25, 2010

Stop by the garden and see the beautiful ceramic garden bed signs created and painted by ceramic artist and parent Karen Hughes! Now everyone in our gardening community will know which garden bed belongs to which class. The three signs along the fence mark the third grade native plant garden. Thank you!

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Room 2 and 11 Buddies Weed the Garden

Children in Rooms 2 and 11, and Rooms 5 and 11 will be buddying up this year to make square foot vegetable gardens to donate to our food service program. Fifth grade students from Mrs. Feitelberg’s class will be helping kindergarden buddies in two different classes plant, grow and cook veggies which will be used as part of our wonderful, fresh food service program.

Last week, Parents and a Grandparent from Rooms 2 and 11 got together to help students weed the garden, coming away with dirty hands and joyful hearts.



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Getting the Garden Ready for 2010-2011 October 22, 2010

Explorer Families turned out in droves before school even started this year to help get the garden ready for students. Volunteers weeded, reconfigured the compost, set up a new vermiculture bin for a new generation of red wiggler worms, pulled out invasives — especially Yerba Mansa, a native in the third grade garden that has taken over the world — and pulled out ragged plants that spent the summer sprawling around the beds.

Now the garden is up and running and ready for students!


Year End Work Day October 9, 2009

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Thank you so much everyone for the amazing clean up of the garden! I can’t believe what 35 people can do in 3 short hours –especially when half the people were under four feet tall! We weeded all the beds and paths, laid down two truckloads of wood chips over all the paths and even over the open dirt area, transplanted poppies, pulled out edibles and bagged them up, chopped up peas and buried them and composted them, pruned the Laurel Sumac, cut back the overgrowth on herbs, pulled out the masses of Feverfew, as well as the giant mother plant and mother Sorrel plant — did I miss anything? Wow!


Cleaning Up the Garden – Thanks, Parents! September 22, 2008

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Thank you, parents!

When we returned to school this year, the garden was a bit on the wild side. Weeds had grown up everywhere. My  attempt to shut the water off and cover the garden beds in plastic sheeting to kill weeds over the summer months failed. Instead, the watering computer was misprogrammed to water daily and thoroughly. The weeds were very happy, each kept warm and wet in their plastic covered garden bed greenhouse.

Many parents — and a few younger siblings — came to help in the garden the first week of school. Together, we got the garden under control. The monster mint (see photos) is still a monster we’ll have to somehow tame. But the weeds are gone, and order is returning. In the next couple of weeks, classes will begin to plan and plant.

Thank you to Medy Wundrow, Michelle Hackney and Amanita Glover (who came every day!) Andrea and Steve Rose, Barry Floyd, Joth Layton, and everyone else who weeded, dug in the garden, cut back mint and made  pretty mint bouquets people could take home.