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Kindergarteners Plant Seeds! November 18, 2009

Kindergarteners planted their square foot gardens with a variety of seeds in November. Each child has one square foot in which to plant and grow weeds, as well as a central area in which the whole class will plant seeds together. Children planted radish seeds, lettuce, carrots, turnips, arugula and beets in their own square foot plots. In the communal area, the classes planted brocolli, collards, beets, turnips, cauliflower, and other cool season winter crops.


Kindergarten Square Foot Gardens

Mrs. Hawke and Manguil’s and Ms. Schultz’s kindergarteners measured out square foot garden plots with the help of two middle schoolers from High Tech Middle Media Arts and several wonderful parents. Kindergarteners used rulers and pencils to measure the length of their plots, and then stretched string across the garden, which the middle schoolers secured with nails and staple guns.