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First Grade Gardeners Journal Their Experiences January 26, 2011

First grade gardeners are using garden journals to measure and record plant growth, draw what they see in the garden, and write about what they see and feel among the peaceful plants! Journaling gives a focus to academic learnings, as well as the social-emotional and sensory experiences of gardening. Radishes are growing well, and first graders are weeding to makes sure roots have enough room to expand!

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First Graders Whack the Weeds and Dig into Soil October 25, 2010

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Ms. Schultz’s first graders found out there’s a little “un-growing” to do before they can start growing their vegetable gardens. After a first session finding the wonderful critters and plants that live in the garden in a scavenger hunt, last week the gardeners began exploring what is already growing in their plot — and pulling it out. Weeds, weeds, and more weeds needed to vamoose before vegetable seeds could find a friendly home. So, out with the weeds! And next time, in with the seeds!


Gardening with Ms. Delano’s Advisory from High Tech Middle Media Arts October 12, 2009

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Fifteen sixth, seventh and eighth graders from Ms. Delano’s advisory group upstairs at HTMMA spent three hours on a recent Wednesday working in Explorer’s garden. They were cheerful, energetic, kind, thoughtful and industrious, and we can’t thank them enough! These hard-working middle schoolers shoveled, hauled and spread a truckload of compost on vegetable beds, weeded pathways, loosened soil, re-covered vegetable cages with bird netting to keep out the squirrels, and planted two beds of lettuce and radishes for our food service program. We can’t wait till they come back to work and learn again. Thank you!!!