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2nd Graders Prepare To Plant November 24, 2012

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Getting ready to plant is often the ┬áhardest part of gardening — but it is also the most important. Having healthy, rich soil ensures that plants will grow and thrive. And pulling weeds ensures that new plants will have room to grow.

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3rd Graders Plant Native Plants

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Third Graders have begun their yearly study of San Diego’s native plants, the habitats in which they live, and Kumeyaay Indian uses of these plants. They started by reclaiming our native plant area by digging, and preparing the soil, and putting in a variety of native plants.

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Harvesting Wheat and Basil and Making Pesto in Grade One

Ms. Schultz’s and Ms. Hawke’s first graders have been reaping what they sowed last spring. After reading the Little Red Hen, and learning the stages involved in turning wheat plants to flower, students looked at pictures of farms in the past and present to see how wheat was harvested in ht past, and how it is harvested today. Then they went into the garden and went through the process the Little Red Hen followed to make bread. First they harvested wheat stalks, then they separated the straw from the wheat, threshed the wheat with their feet, and then winnowed the wheat — separated the wheat from the chaff by throwing the wheat into the wind and letting the chaff blow away. Next up? Grinding the wheat berries into flour.

A week later Ms. Schultz’s class was at it again, led by classroom garden mom, Betty, picking the basil they planted in the spring and making pesto. Yum!

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Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody, Everywhere November 23, 2012

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Thirty-five people — families and staff together — gathered to clean up the garden. Volunteers pulled weeds, spread mulch, and cleaned up garden beds to get thins ready for students to learn!

Thank you, everyone!

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