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Mining an Abundance of Mint! January 27, 2011

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Last week, second grade classes did a read-aloud titled, “A Kid’s Guide to How Herbs Grow”. It reiterated what they already learned about how to grow a successful garden and it talked about what herbs are used for, i.e. medicine, flavoring, etc. There was a specific section in the book that talked about how mint can calm a belly ache. After the read-aloud, they harvested mint (representing the Middle East in their Ancestor Project) and bundled it and hung it to dry in their classrooms.

(Thanks to Michelle Hackney for this post!)


First Grade Gardeners Journal Their Experiences January 26, 2011

First grade gardeners are using garden journals to measure and record plant growth, draw what they see in the garden, and write about what they see and feel among the peaceful plants! Journaling gives a focus to academic learnings, as well as the social-emotional and sensory experiences of gardening. Radishes are growing well, and first graders are weeding to makes sure roots have enough room to expand!

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Kinder-Gardeners Harvest a Healthy Lunch! January 14, 2011

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With all the rain that came over the winter break, the garden was wild this month! Room five pulled more naughty mint that grew and harvested radishes! Once the radishes were washed, they were bagged for Banyan Catering, the catering company who supplies our hot lunch. Tess Brown, co-owner of Banyan Catering came to room five to accept the harvest and was presented with a poster that the children proudly made in an attempt to get credit for growing the radishes. She will use the radishes in a salad for next Monday’s hot lunch and will put the poster up on the window behind the volunteers that serve lunch in the aftercare room so that all who come will know that Room Five cared enough about their friends to make sure they had a healthy lunch.
(Thank you to Michelle Hackney for this post!)

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Second Grade’s First Harvest — Cilantro for Salsa!

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January in San Diego is a great month for harvesting winter crops planted early in the fall. The children were thrilled to find that the cilantro was ready to harvest! They pulled and washed the cilantro to use in a delicious salsa that they made from a family recipe that one of the children shared with the group. They were reminded how cilantro originated in South America and is used all over the world now. Everyone enjoyed the salsa with corn chips…and many children had seconds, thirds, fourths, fifths…some while wearing Mexican sombreros!

(Thanks to Michelle Hackney for this post!)


Second Graders Plant the World

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In October, the children began an autobiographical project in class with their teachers and created an “Ancestral Garden” to go along with the lesson. They discussed their heritage and chose what to plant in the plots based on the origin of their family lines. They read the book titled, “A Seed is Sleepy” and divided the plots into the following sections:
  • Africa: Collards
  • Asia: Bok Choy and cabbage
  • N. Europe:Beets and carrots
  • S. Europe:Spinach and Onions
  • South America: Cilantro
  • Middle East: Mint

(Thank you to garden volunteer Michelle Hackney for this post!)


First Grade Gardeners Plant Seeds and Find Friends December 1, 2010

First Grade Gardeners in Rooms 3 and 4  planted seeds earlier this month, and already the fall rains are bringing forth their goodness!

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November Garden Work Day November 7, 2010

Parents, students and community volunteers came out this week to weed the garden, but back plants, add compost, and get garden beds in ship shape for the winter growing season. Thank you to everyone who helped. The garden looks great!

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