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Explorer Garden Remodel #7 February 22, 2015

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cleared out compost area 2

cleared out compost areaMiddle School Garden Compost Project

Middle schoolers from High Tech Middle Media Arts are helping our garden as part of their composting project. First, Mrs. Elliott visited Mr. Garcia’s HTMMA math/science class in November to help Mr. Garcia introduce the project, and taught a class about worm composting. Next, Mr. Garcia set up worm composters in middle school classrooms. In January, Ms. LeFever’s and Mr. Garcia’s 6th and 7th grade math/science students began to clear out our old compost area and build new composers. While one team was working on building the composers, another team was volunteering to help build our garden. Students learned to create a water system, figured out how to put together our new outdoor sink for washing vegetables, and pulled weeds. High Schoolers from the High Tech High Media Arts Environmental Science program visited to take away our surplus dirt for the HTHMA garden, the same garden the kindergarteners had visited at the beginning of the project.

IMG_3278 IMG_3277   IMG_3259 IMG_3260IMG_3258 IMG_3261 IMG_3262 IMG_3264 IMG_3267 IMG_3268 IMG_3270 high school helpers



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