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Explorer Garden Remodel #6 February 22, 2015

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In January, when the soil was soft and wet, a meandering swale was dug into the garden as a water-saving feature. A swale is a rock-lined artificial stream bed that allows water to sink into the soil for the use of native plants.

The garden beds — sturdy metal horse trough planters —  and soil were delivered from City Farmer Nursery.  delivering our new plantersour new planters in the gardenplanters and pavers  Gravel and cement blocks were purchased to provide a base for garden beds, and to provide drainage in the troughs. Brian, Huxley’s dad, picked up a load of beautiful compost from Van Ommering’s Dairy in Lakeside. Garden coordinator, Mrs. Elliott and Ms. Lim and her son, Devon, scavenged bricks and pavers from a construction site. Ms. Kuhl, the Aldous family and Mrs. Elliott brought in stumps for outdoor seating. Everything was ready for construction to begin!

On our final garden work day, volunteers of all ages, from babies to kids to parents, and staff came to help lay gravel and place the troughs on cement blocks, create in-ground garden beds, and build an outdoor classroom and paths out of pavers.

garden dirt deliverycompost delivery from Van Omerings Dairyplanters and pavers 2outdoor classroombuilding gravel bases for planters   everyone helps! 2 everyone helps! filling bottom of beds with gravel and burlap  garden work day #3 -2 garden work day #3


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