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Hanging Succulent Gardens March 12, 2014

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Last year’s 3rd Graders created hanging succulent gardens with the help of Alissa Aldous. Now that the plants are established, we’ve hung them up on the shed and they are lovely! Stop by to check them out — and ask Alissa about her miniature succulent business on Etsy!



Fairy Gardens and Nature Play

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The Garden has become a place for imaginative play this year! Third grade students have brought their inside learning out into the garden, playing Kumeyaay at recess, gathering parts of plants, grinding clay with stones, and having fun in nature.

When a mountain mahogany tree limb fell over during our big storm, we turned it on its side, cut off branches, and put these “fort making” materials out into the garden. A new world was born!Image

We have also added a bin of nature play materials — small rocks, tree “cookies’, twigs, leaves, and wood. It’s amazing to see what children are doing and creating. Studies show that access to nature changes the way children play — giving them opportunities for cooperative play as opposed to competitive ball games on the black top. See what our creative children have been doing in the garden!

Image Image



HTHMA Middle Schoolers Volunteer in the Garden

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Middle School students from High Tech Middle Media Arts, drama teacher Linda Libby, and three parent volunteers spent four hours working hard in our garden. They used power drills and screw drivers to create signs for students to paint words on, sawed bamboo and wood and used post-hole diggers to create fencing for our compost area, weeded garden beds, cleaned up a very messy herb garden, and planted wild flower seeds. We cannot thank them enough. The fruits of their labor will be visible as our garden explodes with growth this spring!

Thank you!

middle school garden volunteers IMG_1117 IMG_1120


2nd Grade Harvests and Cooks Asian Foods

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Second Grade’s Ancestor garden has been beautifully abundant. Last month we harvested our foods from Asia — Chinese mustard, onions, Japanese spinach, lemongrass, and more, and made spring rolls and stir fry.

IMG_0933 IMG_0935 IMG_0944 IMG_0938 IMG_0951 IMG_0945 IMG_0949 IMG_0950 IMG_0976 IMG_0979 IMG_0953 IMG_0956 IMG_0958 IMG_0959