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Garden Repairs — Thanks to a Grant from the La Jolla Village Garden Club! November 8, 2013

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Thanks to the La Jolla Village Garden Club, we are starting to replace our pvc “bubbler” watering system with a drip system. Sprayers are great for lawns, but not so good for veggies. The club’s donation of $300 to our school garden will pay for replacement parts like these so that are students can have the satisfaction of growing lots of vegetables after all their hard work. While garden infrastructure is not a thrilling topic, having the structure to support student learning could not be more important. Thank you, La Jolla Village Garden Club members for your help making our garden a success!

See the bottom photo for another garden need we have. Our garden beds are now over seven years old. As you can see, they are beginning to decompose and will soon need replacement. Would any Garden Angel donors like to come forward to help replace our garden beds this year?


Here is the old pvc bubbler system. Below is our new drip system!




2 Responses to “Garden Repairs — Thanks to a Grant from the La Jolla Village Garden Club!”

  1. Tiffany Says:

    Is there an estimate on how much the materials would cost/need to be donated. Eg. 10 2×4’s 10 metal brackets. Etc.?

    • Non-corrosive metal trough beds, which would last for decades and take little labor to replace, range from $350 – $1000, depending on the size. Wood for beds is cheaper, but needs full replacement every 5 – 7 years or so. Let me know if you are interested in contributing!

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