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Families Fixing Up the Garden for 2011-2012! August 28, 2011

Thirty-three Explorer students, parents and staff  and one Master Gardener put in 100 human-hours of labor in the garden this weekend. They explored — and cleaned up! — the jungle of our summer garden two days before school started. They cut back overgrown plants, pulled weeds from paths and garden beds, hauled in a truckload of wood chips for weed control on our paths, cut down the (sadly) dead willow tree that was eaten by gophers this summer, cleaned out the shed, repaired the squirrel-proof cages, cut back native plants and the butterfly garden, and got everything botanical ready for the new year. Hooray!

Now we’re ready for a new year of growing and learning in the Explorer Garden!

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One Response to “Families Fixing Up the Garden for 2011-2012!”

  1. rebeccafrazee Says:

    You guys did a lot of work, and looks like lots of fun! Thank you all!

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