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Kinder-Gardeners Harvest a Healthy Lunch! January 14, 2011

Filed under: 2010-2011 school year,Kindergardeners in the Garden — gardenexplorer1 @ 2:51 pm
With all the rain that came over the winter break, the garden was wild this month! Room five pulled more naughty mint that grew and harvested radishes! Once the radishes were washed, they were bagged for Banyan Catering, the catering company who supplies our hot lunch. Tess Brown, co-owner of Banyan Catering came to room five to accept the harvest and was presented with a poster that the children proudly made in an attempt to get credit for growing the radishes. She will use the radishes in a salad for next Monday’s hot lunch and will put the poster up on the window behind the volunteers that serve lunch in the aftercare room so that all who come will know that Room Five cared enough about their friends to make sure they had a healthy lunch.
(Thank you to Michelle Hackney for this post!)

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