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Second Graders’ Use Venn Diagrams to Examine Water’s Effect on Plants February 5, 2010

Filed under: 2009-2010 School Year — gardenexplorer1 @ 5:34 am

For several months, a water leak at the end of one of the drip system lines wreaked some havoc on the garden. Two beds were constantly overwatered from a series of small but significant punctures in the drip lines, while other beds did not get enough water. After finally figuring out how to fix it — which involved replacing the drip lines in one row of beds — the second grade classes assessed the damage done.

Ms. Endoso’s and Ms. McCall’s classes took a look at their veggie bed and discovered that the vegetables in one bed had grown much more than the veggies in the second bed.  Using Venn Diagrams — one circle for bed one, one for bed two — they took a look at differences in the two beds. Differences included very small plants in the overwatered bed, and larger ones in the bed receiving less water. They noticed plants in neat rows in bed one, while the plants in bed two were pushed every which way, and clumped together where the seeds had landed in the water. They noticed more weeds in the second bed, and more compact and “slimy” clay-like soil in the second bed, and more crumbly and dark soil in bed one.


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