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It’s a Mystery! Who’s been eating the Peas? February 5, 2010

Filed under: 2009-2010 School Year — gardenexplorer1 @ 5:42 am

Mr. Sarda’s Kindergardeners are on the trail of a mystery!

Someone has been nibbling on the pea plants in Mr. Sarda’s class’s Pea bed!  While the inedible sweet pea plants untouched, the edible peas have all been nibbled on. Stems are broken off, leaves have bite marks out of them.

Before going out to the garden, the class hypothesized about who might be eating the peas. Then the class went out to look for clues. This is what they found:

Holes in the ground.

One hole with a spider in it.

A borage plant with large holes eaten out of the middle.

A track next to the sandbox.

Bite marks on the peas.

A chewed off stem.

A broken tree.

Someone saw a squirrel go down into a hole one day.


Speculation as to the culprit ran from Beavers — the broken tree was the most certain evidence; to spiders — one was in a hole near the plants; to rabbits — rabbits like to eat green things; grasshoppers — they have been seen in the garden before; there are a lot of people around, so it could have been people.

After a classroom discussion about where beavers live, what spiders like to eat, what animals we’ve actually seen in the garden, and what people do in our community, the conclusion was that it was probably a squirrel who ate the peas.

Mystery solved!


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