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Second Grade Community Service Garden December 29, 2009

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Second graders have been learning about their own ancestral  history this year. In December, they learned how food security is often related to immigration, and how sometimes people move to new places because they are hungry.

With each class, we read the U.N. produced book, For Every Child, A Better World, which uses Kermit the Frog and other muppets to describe how some children in the world have what they need, but some do not. We discussed how some of our second graders’ ancestors found refuge in the United States because of some of the issues discussed in the book — hunger, religious persecution, war, and a desire for education and a more prosperous life. We discussed how some people in San Diego are also experiencing hunger this year, and that Food Banks are available to help people who are hungry. Then we cleared a bed in the garden and planted the seeds of Collard Greens and Mustard Greens which we will grow and donate to Feeding America, a food bank in Mira Mesa which we will visit when our crop is mature. We will grow a crop of greens and bring them in to donate as part of their Farm-to-Kids program, and then volunteer at Feeding America for a morning in early March.


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