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Third Graders Learn about Native Plants and Ecosystems November 18, 2009

Filed under: 2009-2010 School Year — gardenexplorer1 @ 7:45 pm

Third graders learned about the different ecosystems of San Diego County, and which plants live in each ecosystem. San Diego’s diverse ecosystems include Coastal Sage Scrub, one of the most endangered ecosystems on earth, which is typical of the coastal hillsides and canyons of Point Loma and much of San Diego; Chaparral, the inland scrubby regions of our county. Mountain oak woodlands, characterized by oaks; Riparian, stream, lake and riverside ecosystems tangled with willow and mulefat; Desert; and Wetlands.

Students first heard two chapters from Millicent Lee’s book about the Kumeyaay, Indians of the Oaks, which describe how the Kumeyaay used plants, animals, and even the soil of our region to survive. Then, Moving from station to station, students drew pictures and wrote the names of the plants and ecosystems.


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