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Second Graders Plant Ancestral Plants November 18, 2009

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Second grade gardeners in Mrs. Glover and Elliott’s class, and Ms. Endoso’s and Ms. McCall’s classes planted seeds for plants used by their ancestors in November as part of their Social Studies Ancestor Studies project.

First, each child brought in a vegetable recipe from their family — either a recipe that has been passed down in the family, or a recipe from the continent of origin of their family. Each class has its own garden plot, and each child planted seeds for one of the plants in one of the recipes.

Since November marks the beginnnig of the winter growing season in San Diego, only seeds of winter plants could be planted,  such as cabbage, brocolli, cauliflower, carrots, greens such as kale, collargs and mustard, plus onions, lettuce, arugula, parsley, garlic and beets. Potatoes will be planted separately, as will peas, as they are climbers who cling to our garden covers and prevent us from opening the plots up.Plants that require the warmth of the summer sun will planted in the spring, if possible. These plants include tomatoes, squash, pumpkins, basil, beans, and  rhubarb.


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