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Visiting Tierra Miguel Farm April 2, 2009

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Mrs. Hawke’s and Ms. Schultz’s first graders visited Tierra Miguel Farm in Pauma Valley in northeast San Diego County. What a wonderful, idyllic place! Located at the based of Mount Palomar, Tierra Miguel is a small organic farm and education center that runs a CSA, community sponsored agriculture program, in which largely urban  subscribers pay to have Tierra Miguel grow seasonal produce  and deliver it to drop sites weekly or bi-weekly.(For more information on Tierra Miguel’s CSA, see Inspirations)

First graders worked hard transplanting rhubarb, and picking carrots and strawberries. They learned how weeds and produce can coexist in a healthy balance, how cover crops such as wildflowers can help fix nitrogen in the soil and restore soil viability, and how careful farmers in San Diego County must be with water these days.

Here are some of the first graders own words about their farm experience.

Tien: It was very hot at the farm. I like picking stawberries.  It was fun win I planted rhubarbs, when I picked carrots. I got stung by a stinging nettle. It made my hand itch. I found roly-polys. I found a lot. I kept them in my hand all the time, even when I was picking carrots. They tickled my hand a lot. I felt happy picking strawberries.

Sophia: We first met Jonathon and Mil (from the farm) and they showed us how to plant rhubarb. It hurt my fingers. After, we planted rhubarb, we picked carrots. We had to wash them off, then we got to eat them. I wish I could go again.

Caroline: Tierra Miguel Far was cool. At first. And then  it was hot. We met Jonathon and Mil. We had to pick rhubard. We saw lots of Pume trees. We picked carrots. I was eating like mad. Jonatho old us they did not have much strawberries. I was so sad. Until he told us we ould come to the farm in another month too. The strawberries will be ripe. We picked one or two strawberrries.  We had lunch. I felt the field trip was not going to be fun. But it was.

Zoey: At Tierra Miguel Farm, it smelled good. The morning was pretty. When we were on the way there, we saw sheep. And I love picking strawberries and they were all so really juicy, too. And the carrots were sweet and really orange. We also picked rhubard and Jonathan found a lizard. I will remember how much fun I had.

Eric: I went to Tierra Migel Farm. I found a carrot. Jonathoan took us to pick rhubard. We picked carrots. I ate a lot. We picked strawberries. I got good ones. I ate the strawberries. We planted rhubard. I got a big one.

Alonzo: When I arrived at Tierra Miguel farm, there were lots of red ants. So we walked in to the arm. And then we went to pick rhubard. And then we planted it. I did not notice that there was stinging nettle. So I got stung. And me and Shane shook hands. So then he had it too. So we picked carrots. and we washed them. Then we picked 2 strawberries. I wish I could go back.

Carlos: Tierra Miguel Farm. The weather was warm and sunny. Two people were guiding me and my class. The guiders were digging up rhubarb. And one of teh guiders was pushing a wheelbarrow with a bunch or rhubard in the wheelbarrow. Then my class and me went to a garden and me and my class were planting rhubarb. Me and my mom planted 22 rhubards. Me and my mom got stung by a plant that stung us. At the end of the day, I thought the sting would go away.img_1562

Michael: First I picked out some carrots and then I picked 2 strawberries. I learned that some plants are good for the insects. The siinging nettle was sharp. It stung me two times, so if David was talking I would take a bucket and bury it. It was fun.

Juliette: Tierra Miguel: First we went to Tierra Miguel. at first it was cold when we arrived.  It was sunny. We met two boys. ONe of them had a mustache. His name was Mil. The other boy’s name was Jonathon. Then we picked rhubarb. We pulled the rhubarb out of the soil. After, we picked some carrots. We got to pick 5 carrots. We got to wash the 5 carrots and then we picked strawberries. We could only have two strawberries. I felt happy when I was at Tierra Miguel.

Vale: I went to Tierra iguel Farm. When I got there I met two boys, Mil and Jonathon. then we cut rhubarb. After that, we planted it. I got stung by stinging nettle. Then I washed my hands. It felt better. And then we got carrots. They were sweet, very sweet, and after I did the same with with strawberries. I wished I could have more strawberries.

David: What I learned at Tierra Miguel Farm is how to plant rhubarb and the leaf is poisonous if you eat it. If you eat rhubarb, I think you might die. I got stinged by a stinign nettle once. But I was just helping Jonathon. Then we picked carrots. Then we washed them. I felt excited.

Marco: When I went to the farm it was a beautiful day. My favorite art was picking strawberres And my other favorite part was digging the roots. We all had lunch. I had a new lunch box. At lunch, me and Eric and Valeria played Telephone and Sierra played, too. I wish we could go again.

Jesse: Room 3 and me, even Jonathon went to go planting. I planted four plants. Room 3 went carrot picking. I picked five. Then Room 3 went to go pick strawberries. We could pick one or two The green mountains were cool I thought it wasn’t going to be fun, but it was.

Shane: When I went to the farm I got stung by stinging nettle. Andmy hands were dirty becasue I was planting rhubarb. And I got to eat five carrots and two strawberries. And you can eat rhubarb stems but I did not . I planted about 18 rhubarb plants with Alonzo. And my favorite part was eating strawberries.

Brenna: It was a sunny day at the Tierra Migel Farm. It smeled good. It smelled like a bunch of herbs. There was a lot of grass. I loved picking carrots and strawberries. I loved the part where we ate the stuff we picked. Then we went to had lunch. I loved going to Tierra Miguel farm. I am excited to go again.

Sierra: I went to Tierra Miguel Farm. When I arrived, we met boys named Jonathon and Mil. I planted 7 rhubarbs. It was really easy. And later we picked carrots. The carrots were all dirty. So we had to clean them off. IN a few minutes we went to the strawberry field. And the strawberries were sour. and later was lunch. and my lunch bag was a sack bag. And the bag fell apart. And I though there was going to be animals, but there was not.

Mikayla (the winding road to the farm did a number on Mikayla’s tummy. But after a nap she joined the group again and felt better. Here is her account) We went to Tierra Miguel Farm. The first thing we heard about was cactuses. H said you can eat cactuses. Then I felt sick. When we were talking about carrots, then I threw up. Me and Miss Araiza went down to the car for ten minutes. Then I picked two strawberries and carrots. But I did not have lunch. I was not having lunch. I felt sad.


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