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Mrs. Glover’s Third Grade Gardeners Grind Clay the Old Fashioned Way November 20, 2008

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Third Graders in Mrs. Glover’s class learned how the Kumeyaay Indians used to find and grind natural clay for making red clay ollas, or pots for holding water and for cooking. Students listened to a chapter, “Clay Weather,” in the book Indians of the Oaks. The book described how a boy learned to dig the finest, sand-free clay for working pots.

Then students tried their hand at grinding some less-than-perfect clay from San Diego’s clay-rich soil. Like the Kumeyaay, they used rock’s to grind the soil. But instead of grinding it in a mortero of granite, students used plastic cafeteria trays as a grinding surface. The powdered clay will be used to make Seed Balls (see next post).

img_1166 img_1167 img_1168 img_1169



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