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Second Annual Garden Work Day, October 4, 2008 October 6, 2008

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What beautiful families we are growing at Explorer! And what a beautiful community is springing up in our garden!

Nine families — twenty-four people! — came to the garden Saturday to work and grow together.  Lisa Ferguson, the entire Saucedo clan, the Layton family, the Sweeney family, Shane Wundrow and his mom, Medi, Steve Hymer and his dad, David, Esme Puzio and her dad, Chris, Kyan Glover, his little sister Amanita, and his mom, Michelle. Everyone worked hard, and everyone had fun.

Here’s what we got done:

Every garden bed — except the overgrown herb garden — is now covered with protective bird netting. There’s nothing as disappointing as going to all the work of preparing soil, planting and weeding, only to have your produce eaten by squirrels. The squirrels will have a really hard time eating the children’s veggies now!

Every raised bed has been weeded and raked smooth.

Four or five adults and three children wrestled for three hours with the monster mint! We managed to dig out a foot of tangled roots and another foot of leafy growth before discovering the mint had grown through and destroyed the chicken wire bottom of the raised bed. Since the mint’s roots had already pulled apart our watering system, Joth Layton, father of third-grade twins Garrett and Rachel, lent a hand in repairing the watering system. When the mint rears its minty head again, as highly invasive plants will do, we may have to take more drastic measures. Lesson learned: beware of invasive plants! Never plant mint outside of a container. And even then, make sure the container is on concrete, well away from any other plants.

The garden beds are now all ready for planting and growing and learning.

We are truly blessed by our community. When we work together, we grow together! Thank you!


One Response to “Second Annual Garden Work Day, October 4, 2008”

  1. Barbara Ruys Says:

    Wow, Cindy! I didn’t realize you had a blog for the garden until today so I just read all of it. What great projects! I especially enjoyed the photos of the kids learning in the garden.

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