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Mrs. Hawke’s and Ms. Schultz’s First Graders in the Garden September 16, 2008

Filed under: 2008-2009 School Year — gardenexplorer1 @ 5:45 am

First graders in Mrs. Hawke’s and Ms. Schultz’s classes began gardening this year by thinking about how people produced food in the past, and how they produce food today. The children thought about where their own food comes from — from grocery stores, restaurants, school lunches, gardens, and farmers’ markets. Then we read a story, The Ox Cart Man, by Donald Hall, about a  farmer in pre-machine-age New England who makes and grows the things his family needs, and then sells the excess to buy the things they don’t make.

The Ox Cart Man, and other stories of food production in the past, will inform our garden exploration this year, as we learn how food production has changed over time.


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