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Second Grade Scavenger Hunt September 11, 2008

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Explorer’s Second Grade classes went on small-group sensory scavenger hunts in the garden this week. They were looking for four things:

  • Something that smells like something to eat;
  • Something bumpy
  • Something alive with legs
  • Something alive without a brain
They discovered mint, basil, sage and rosemary, and could name several of these plants.
they discovered bumpy rocks, soil, wood chips, mulch and leaves.
They discovered spiders, flies, wasps, bees, pill bugs, butterflies and moths.
They puzzled for awhile over what could be alive without a brain: plants.
Each group then considered how they can show respect for the things in the garden that are alive with legs, and the things that are alive without a brain. These are some of their ideas:
Insects and Spiders:
  • If you touch them, they might get hurt — especially butterflies and moths.
  • If you touch them, you might get hurt –especially spiders, bees and wasps.
  • If we chase butterflies away, they might not be able to lay their eggs and make our garden beautiful.
  • If we scare spiders away, they won’t be able to catch the insects that eat our plants.
  • We will learn about them by watching them and enjoying them.
  • We’ll keep our feet on the paths, we won’t step on plants and crush them.
  • We’ll eat plants during harvest times with our class, but will respect other class’s right to harvest their own plants.
  • We won’t break off, crush or cut plants.
  • We’ll be careful of the netting protecting the plants.

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