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Garden Transformation February 22, 2015

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So proud of our community collaboration transforming this garden from weedy mess to wonderful place to be!clean up 23garden work day #1 - 3IMG_3257planters and paversIMG_3283



Explorer Garden Remodel Time Lapse….Beginning, Middle, End-ish

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clean up 23IMG_2593Garden work day 2 decembergarden work day 2 - 9garden work day #3IMG_3280



Explorer Garden Remodel #8

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A Structure Emerges….

The next steps were to put together the watering system, cover the paths with mulch, and fill the swale with rocks. Sam’s Dad, Mike, brought three truck loads of mulch from the landfill to cover pathways, and Kindergarteners spread it out. The garden is nearly ready for planting! Next, Ms. Lim’s class is building an entry trellis and a bridge to go over the swale. Stay tuned for more remodel updates!



IMG_3273 IMG_3272 IMG_3271 IMG_3269 IMG_3265 IMG_3266 IMG_3263 IMG_3257 IMG_3274 IMG_3279 IMG_3280 IMG_3281 IMG_3282 IMG_3283 IMG_3284


Explorer Garden Remodel #7

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cleared out compost area 2

cleared out compost areaMiddle School Garden Compost Project

Middle schoolers from High Tech Middle Media Arts are helping our garden as part of their composting project. First, Mrs. Elliott visited Mr. Garcia’s HTMMA math/science class in November to help Mr. Garcia introduce the project, and taught a class about worm composting. Next, Mr. Garcia set up worm composters in middle school classrooms. In January, Ms. LeFever’s and Mr. Garcia’s 6th and 7th grade math/science students began to clear out our old compost area and build new composers. While one team was working on building the composers, another team was volunteering to help build our garden. Students learned to create a water system, figured out how to put together our new outdoor sink for washing vegetables, and pulled weeds. High Schoolers from the High Tech High Media Arts Environmental Science program visited to take away our surplus dirt for the HTHMA garden, the same garden the kindergarteners had visited at the beginning of the project.

IMG_3278 IMG_3277   IMG_3259 IMG_3260IMG_3258 IMG_3261 IMG_3262 IMG_3264 IMG_3267 IMG_3268 IMG_3270 high school helpers



Explorer Garden Remodel #6

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In January, when the soil was soft and wet, a meandering swale was dug into the garden as a water-saving feature. A swale is a rock-lined artificial stream bed that allows water to sink into the soil for the use of native plants.

The garden beds — sturdy metal horse trough planters —  and soil were delivered from City Farmer Nursery.  delivering our new plantersour new planters in the gardenplanters and pavers  Gravel and cement blocks were purchased to provide a base for garden beds, and to provide drainage in the troughs. Brian, Huxley’s dad, picked up a load of beautiful compost from Van Ommering’s Dairy in Lakeside. Garden coordinator, Mrs. Elliott and Ms. Lim and her son, Devon, scavenged bricks and pavers from a construction site. Ms. Kuhl, the Aldous family and Mrs. Elliott brought in stumps for outdoor seating. Everything was ready for construction to begin!

On our final garden work day, volunteers of all ages, from babies to kids to parents, and staff came to help lay gravel and place the troughs on cement blocks, create in-ground garden beds, and build an outdoor classroom and paths out of pavers.

garden dirt deliverycompost delivery from Van Omerings Dairyplanters and pavers 2outdoor classroombuilding gravel bases for planters   everyone helps! 2 everyone helps! filling bottom of beds with gravel and burlap  garden work day #3 -2 garden work day #3


Explorer Garden Remodel #5

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Kindergarten Garden Plans

Ms. Lim led her Kindergarteners in drawing several iterations of their garden plans, and then put them together into a final combined drawing. This drawing was used like a blueprint, so that staff and volunteers would know where to place the garden beds, paths and outdoor classroom during the final garden work day.

kinder garden drawing 1 kinder garden drawing 2 kinder garden drawing 3 kinder garden drawing 4 kinder garden drawing 5


Explorer Garden Remodel #4

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Buying our Planters

Following the kindergarteners plan, and  we chose and purchased sturdy garden planters and arranged for delivery of rich garden soil from City Farmer Nursery, all paid for with our Whole Foods Foundation grant!

buying planters Buying the planters city farmer nursery delivering our new planters picking out the planters from City Farmer Nursery


Explorer Garden Remodel #3

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Kindergarten Garden Planners
Ms. Lim’s Kindergarteners were the garden designers. To get ideas, they went on a  field trip to the High Tech High Media Arts garden, where they collected ideas. Then they returned to the classroom and sketched their ideas, brainstormed, interviewed teachers about what they wanted in a garden, and drew dream garden plans.

kinder field trip 2 kinder field trip 3 kinder field trip 4 kinder field trip to get ideas kinder garden brainstorm Kinder garden drawing Ms. Lim kinder garden sketches kinder garden templates


Explorer Garden Remodel #2

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Making a Blank Slate for a New Garden

At two garden work days in November and December volunteers, staff and students removed rotting garden beds, weeds, other plants and leveled the garden area.garden work day #1 - 2 garden work day #1 - 3    garden work day #1garden work day 2 - 4 garden work day 2 - 5  garden work day 2 december 3 Garden work day 2 december garden work day #1- 4garden work day #1-5garden work day 2-6garden work day december 1 garden work day 2 - 9garden work day 2-8




Explorer Garden Remodel #1

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In the Beginning, there were Weeds…..

Explorer’s Garden is 7 years old and it is showing its age. Last spring, the Whole Foods Foundation awarded our school a $2000 grant to remodel the garden and replace aging garden beds and infrastructure. This fall, the La Jolla Village Garden Club added $600 to the fund, and the hard work began. Follow the blog posts to see our progress from Fall 2014 to Spring 2015, and the people who made a new garden happen.

Fall 2014 — Summer Weeds have taken over! After a work day, it looks a little better….

clean up 22 IMG_2593